Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Multitude Project is building the engine of the new economy

This is an experiment of historical proportions. A strong and diverse group was formed to build the infrastructure of a new kind of economical entity. We called this new institution, which is a global collaborative innovation network capable of putting an idea on the market, a "Discovery Network". 

The Discovery Network is a value-based structure as opposed to a power-based structure. It is a decentralized network as opposed to a hierarchical centralized organization. The core values are sharing, collaboration, openness. The Discovery Network is kept together by symbiotic relations, interdependency, synergy. This new form of organization will enable an individual in a poor country, possessing only brilliant ideas and sharp social skills, to generate tremendous wealth for his local community. 

We are testing the Discovering Network architecture for the first time on the Matchmaking Device System, an invention of Multitude Project's founder Tiberius Brastaviceanu. You can read more about the "Discovery Network" concept here.      
Anybody interested can join our group as an active participant or just as an observer. You can do so by filling the form on the Matchmaking Device System homepage

By AllOfUs

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