Friday, June 18, 2010

Organization in production, the machine vs the social paradigm

I think the machine paradigm is essentially out of the picture, but not in every domain of our complex economy. As long as there will be hard jobs there will be control and over-functionalization of the worker. I don't see a coal mining operation adopting the social model. Only when robots will take over these harsh tasks we will be able to avoid treating human beings like biological automata. Before that day comes, we can continue our work on improving the situation of billions of us out there.

I also want to add that the social paradigm is not imposed from up to bottom. It doesn't come from somebody up there deciding to make society a better place. The elite doesn't have too much appreciation for the lower casts. Eugenics is still very alive up there, under various forms. Look at the "Singularity" movement for example. I am sick and tired of these talking heads in shiny suits telling us in our face that there's too many of us on Earth, comparing us with parasites infecting our "Mother Planet". This re-valuation of the human being is a button-up movement. The individual emerges with its full capacities because he has room to express himself. The new technology gives him the tools and the environment to do so. He can now escape monopolies and express his creativity freely. He can directly exchange with his peers, and for the value he produces he can get a buck in return, without having to beg for a stand in a highly controlled marketplace.

Some entrepreneurs have decided to experiment with this "social economy" idea, because the individual had this window of opportunity to express himself, to demonstrate that we are intelligent, creative, motivated creatures, to demonstrate that all social casts are based on fabulations, are merely social constructs. This is how Google made it big. Once the social paradigm demonstrated its efficacy in turning a group of people into a very creative and productive enterprise, some of those up there, who still control the major part of our resources, are trying to turn the "social thing" for their own benefit. Those of them who really see what is happening, who understand that the new technology is totally remodeling society, those who are not sleeping in their ignorance believing that the Internet is only for porn and for playing online games, are trying to come up with new models of social control. But I don't see any brilliant idea emerging. I don't even see how this would be possible. You may think that I am blinded by my optimism, but I really believe that the multitude is emancipating.

By AllOfUs

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