Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Multitude Project!

Multitude Project has 2 years

This post provides a short historical overview of the Multitude Project, a description of the current state of play and our plans for the future.

Multitude Project was founded in October 2008 by Tiberius Brastaviceanu. Initially, the scope of the project was narrower: to give employees alternative ways to fight employment injustice (see Improve employment conditions!), by bypassing the biased justice system. It was based on the realization that the new technology empowers the individual, by providing tools to access and to disseminate information. The Boomerang method was the result of this first effort of understanding how the new technology was changing the employee-employer balance of power. A broader method was also proposed, which is still awaiting implementation (contact us to get involved). This initial project only took into consideration the communication aspect of the new technology. Tiberius soon realized that the Internet platform also enables free collaboration and coordination, which offers still greater power to individuals who are open to sharing and who possess the skills to work in collaboration. Free communication, collaboration and coordination is the foundation of a new pattern of value creation and distribution; of a shift in the equilibrium of social forces; of new forms of property, of new laws and institutions, etc.

Through free one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many exchanges of all sorts, we are moving towards a broader redistribution of power; towards increased individual freedom, towards more self-determination and towards a more participative society. This is what we call the Multitude Social Movement … a constructive revolution.

Over the past 12 months the Multitude Project has broadened its scope, seeking to understand the Multitude Movement in its various manifestations, and to informing the movement by exposing the implicit philosophy on which it is built. This emerging philosophy and its associated culture are responsible for aligning people's attitudes and actions, for increasing the level of coherence within the multitude towards building, distributing and using new tools of empowerment. Our goals are to expose this philosophy, to foster the new culture, to create a new language, and to attract people's attention towards this movement by creating and offering key empowering alternatives. Multitude Project has created, tested and released the Viral Labeling technique and a method to fight predatory commercial practices. We also created the Discovery Network concept, an open collaborative network of innovation, production and distribution of goods and services, which is currently being tested. An example of a modular and dynamic infrastructure to support massive social movements and collaborative networks was released, which can be set up free of charge in only a few hours. Other concepts dealing with the organization of the masses against oppressive regimes are still under development, see The balance of power. Our infrastructure has improved progressively over these two years. Beginning with the Multitude homepage, we have subsequently created the Multitude Blog and have established a presence in major social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Digg, Idealist, New tactics in human rights, LinkedIn, NING, and many more.

Recently, Multitude Project branched into Multitude Innovation and Multitude Moon Project. Soon we will launch our open science initiative, Multitude Science. Multitude Project also actively supports Integration and Automation Community (IAC), and the Rosia Montana movement. Until now, we have only operated at a small scale. We are a collaborative network, but not yet entirely open. We believe that in the next year we will enter a fast exponential growth (see the graph bellow). Once the large scale effects begin to manifest themselves our collaborative platform will become completely open. Multitude Project will continue to branch into many sub-projects managed by independent but interconnected entities. In order to manage the global and decentralized multitude movement, we've proposed a new and revolutionary tool, revealed for the first time here.

What's on our agenda?

Our priority is to upscale the Multitude Project. We'll do this by becoming entirely open and by interfacing with existing like-minded organizations. We are also actively looking for sources of financing in order to support operations that are not easily adapted to volunteering.

Multitude needs a thriving cultural component. We encourage all our members, friends and observers to invite artists of every kind to seek inspiration in our work.  by AllOfUs

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