Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Facebook page for Multitude Project

Follow the link to our new Multitude Project official Facebook Page.

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This is part of an effort to harmonize our infrastructure.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Does the sun shine in your country?

Innovation worth spreading. Free energy (provided by the sun) melting.
Do you want to build a melting facility based on solar energy?
Multitude, go for it! It only takes a mirror... 

Create an enterprise based on open principles and collaboration, using the Discovery Network blueprint, and attract technical expertize from all over the world. Contact the Multitude Project for assistance. We even have a specialist in optics and light interaction with matter (contact Tiberius Brastaviceanu).

Visit Multitude Innovation, read about the Discovery Network

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Monday, November 29, 2010

The WikiLeaks Revolution!

The Multitude Movement will take new proportions if the US Government decides to press criminal charges against Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks.
Federal authorities are investigating whether WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange violated criminal laws in the group's release of government documents, including possible charges under the Espionage Act, sources familiar with the inquiry said Monday. The Washington Post
The case will certainly go up to the Supreme Court, sparking a massive social debate on governance. Our philosophy on politics, diplomacy and international relations, secrecy vs access to information and freedom of speech, and many others, will be forever changed .

The cabal behind the Anglo-American empire is damage control mode, instead of taking care of business as usual, projecting their power over the globe. Another important aspect of the new reality, the elites have lost their ability to communicate effectively. Paranoia set's in.... They know now that lies cannot circulate freely anymore, without being exposed in an effective time!  

The Anglo-American empire is in free fall.
The diplomatic cables leak touches the ecosystem of the Anglo-American empire. This historical event unbalances the fragile system of relations set in place and maintained by the shadow government. Even if their puppets in charge of other nations are still at their service, they will find it increasingly difficult to enforce their will on their local populations. The reputation of some US politicians tarnished by these leaks is only a minor problem, which can be rapidly solved by replacing them. The major problem, the one that corporate media doesn't expose, covering it with a pile of diversions, is the ability of the Anglo-American empire to sustain itself, to sustain the very complex and fragile web of relations it is built on. It is imploding financially, economically, and now diplomatically.


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Multitude approach for building our towns

Open Source Ecology is a movement dedicated to the collaborative development of tools for replicable, open source, modern off-grid "resilient communities." By using permaculture and digital fabrication together to provide for basic needs and open source methodology to allow low cost replication of the entire operation, we hope to empower anyone who desires to move beyond the struggle for survival and "evolve to freedom."
Join this community! Use their creation and spread the word!

The Open Architecture Network is an online, open source community dedicated to improving living conditions through innovative and sustainable design. Here designers of all persuasions can:
  • Share their ideas, designs and plans
  • View and review designs posted by others
  • Collaborate with each other, people in other professions and community leaders to address specific design challenges
  • Manage design projects from concept to implementation
  • Communicate easily amongst team members
  • Protect their intellectual property rights using the Creative Commons "some rights reserved" licensing system and be shielded from unwarranted liability
  • Build a more sustainable future
Join this community! Use their creation and spread the word!

Multitude, go for it!
Create an enterprise based on open principles and collaboration, using the Discovery Network blueprint, and attract technical expertize from all over the world. Contact the Multitude Project for assistance.

By AllOfUs

A multitude approach to movie production

1-2-3 CONNECT:

1) The ConnectedFilm project is uniting the world to produce a feature film called Connected, one dollar at a time.
2) Everyone who donates will have their name in the credits of the film, to show that each gift is equally important.
3) Revenue from the film that would normally go back to investors, will go forward to enable people like YOU to manifest the dreams of your soulfire through micro-giving.

Get involved!
Finance this project!
Support this team in their effort to design a new methodology for open, collaborative, people-founded film production. 
Support the multitude in telling it's own stories.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The days of shadow governments are numbered!

What do you see behind the Wikileaks phenomena? This is what I see: Governance moves from lies and deception towards transparency. The new technology, modern means of communication, makes it almost impossible for large organizations to cover lies for an effective amount of time. There is a big chance for the truth to come out right in time before the liars and conspirators are out of the public view. It's the end of shadow governments. What we see now is just the beginning. The global village atmosphere set's it slowly but surely. You know what I'am doing? We know what YOU're doing...

By AllOfUs

Symbionomics: Stories of a New Economy

Visit Economical Alternatives

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