Saturday, September 11, 2010

Open Source engineering approach to build a car?

These people must be crazy! Haha, this is what people form GM and Ford must say. And this is exactly the reason why those dinosaurs will disappear in the near future. The economy will repopulate with economical entities like riversimple.

From riversimple's website:
Open source design and development. By licensing designs to an independent open source foundation, the 40 Fires Foundation, engineers and designers from around the world can help develop the vehicles and any manufacturer around the world can make them.
Have broader company ownership. The corporate structure of Riversimple is designed to ensure that all stakeholders in the enterprise have a voice in the governance of the business and share in the benefits of its success.
Go the riversimple homepage.

By AllOfUs

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Multitude Moon Project

Google and the XPrize are offering 30M$ to the first independent team that sends a robot on the Moon. Multitude Project created the Multitude Moon Project, a collaborative approach to solve this problem. 

The first goal of the Multitude Moon Project is to find the best solution. Not to build anything, but to look around and see if already existing technologies can be put together to solve the most important aspects of this challenging problem. For example, can we think of new efficient ways of propulsion? Do we have the technologies to put it together? Who would be the key contributors, who has these technologies. Is there something that needs to be improved and how? Can somebody simulate the proposed solution?   

Please take a look and join if you like the initiative. 

By AllOfUs