Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Israeli apartheid regime is falling

The Israeli-Palestinian problem has reached a point of no return. It is over for Israel, its apartheid regime is falling. What happened?

It is not governments who solved the Palestinian problem. A very complex global coalition of activist networks and NGO's, helped by some governmental institutions, academic institutions, independent private institutions, have debarked on the shores of Gaza. The Palestinian D-day was made possible by a powerful wave rising from the grass roots of society. Look at the tools used in this unprecedented campaign, in this pacifist war against a brutal, racist regime. The digital technology has its marks everywhere. The Internet was used to organize these networks, to gather resources, to coordinate actions, and to win the public opinion through a very well orchestrated and very creative (alternative) media campaign.  After a few failed trials in the Republic of Moldova and in Iran, the multitude movement has its first governmental victim. Who's next?

The Multitude Project was, and remains a member of the Free Palestine network.

By AllOfUs

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