Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Multitude movement against institutionalized elitism

In Russia, if you are working for some governmental agency you might get driving privileges. The traffic police can give you a permit to install a blue light on you car, which can also be a private car, and use it in case of emergency. The problem is that many other people (the ones with money and connections) can get this permit by bribing the police. In fact, there is so much abuse that it causes the traffic in large cities to be quite chaotic sometimes and, most importantly, IT KILLS. The population is fed up. With the help of modern tools for communication and coordination a massive popular movement (across the entire Russian empire) is rising against these elitist privileges, the blue bucket movement. Thousands of videos swarm the Internet showing people taping blue buckets on the top of their cars, to mimic the blue lights used by the elite. The police stops these cars to annoy the drivers but the law is not on their side, this aesthetic modification is totally legal. See more on the videos below.

The important lesson of this multitude action is that the awaken and empowered population doesn't take the abuse quietly anymore. The multitude is very creative in finding effective ways to communicate their discontent and to force the regime to change its practices. Every positive outcome of this type of action constitutes a reinforcing feedback, to further energize the multitude. We are witnessing the emergence of a new culture, the multitude movement is establishing itself as a dominant social force.

By AllOfUs

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