Saturday, February 27, 2010

Internet and militia corruption in Russia

Members of the Russian militia, the equivalent of the police forces in north America, are using the Internet to fight corruption within their own ranks. The reaction of the institution is the classical one, dismissal, and in some cases false accusations followed by imprisonment. This demonstrates that the higher ranks of the Russian militia don't know how to deal effectively with the "multitude" social phenomena, which is good news. They don't seam to understand that their actions of reprisal will inevitably turn back to bite them, now in the age of the free and democratic media. Moreover, they also need to realize that these good militia man and woman can coordinate their efforts using the same digital technology and the Internet, and rally the support of the people, who already despise militia arrogance and corruption.

See the case of officer Alexey Alexandrovich Dymovsky.

A video stating to be by police major Alexei Dymovskiy from Novorossiysk in Krasnodar region recently appeared on Youtube. Alexey Dymovskiy accused his chiefs of corruption in a public speech addressed to the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin: “our administration stimulates the corruption itself”. The reaction from Krasnodar territorial police chief Lt. Gen. Sergei Kucheruk was to dismiss Major Dymovskiy for slander, Ministry spokesman Valery Gribakin told Itar-Tass. (See source of this quote here.)

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