Monday, February 22, 2010

As in Moldova, Iranian demonstrators experiment with the new technology

What we are seeing in Iran, as in other parts of the world, is the genuine expression of the people for freedom, beyond political paradigms.
Iranians know that Ahmadinagad stands against the USA and Israel, and they agree with this opposition, but they want things to be done differently. They want a better future, better economical conditions, as well as sovereignty as a nation. Considering the state of affairs at the international level, their actions seem somewhat irrational. They know that Iran is the primordial target of the USA and Israel for their plan of reconstruction of the Middle East and yet, at the same time, they go against their government, an outspoken regimes against their "enemies". Are the Iranians ready to give up their sovereignty for better economical conditions? I personally don't think so.

We are witnessing at this moment a rising in consciousness at the global level, the realization that we the people can determine our own future. Moreover, we are starting to understand that governments all over the planet have lost their ability to contain the discontent of their masses, that they, the elite, are incapable to maintain their power because they are trapped into the old paradigm. We are like a wolf opening his eyes and smelling the wind, sensing a bleeding pray nearby. There is some irrationality too. It seems that people move to seize the power, to become self-determined but let the problems from the outside to be dealt with later. Irrationality is not strange in mass movements. It is actually part of the norm.

What will happen to Iran if a weaker president comes to power? In this particular case I would say, nothing much… All major powers are facing the same internal troubles. The awakening is happening everywhere. The American government is most probably not celebrating watching the events in Tehran. They are taking notes on how to deal with this new breed of devastating popular movement. Russia and China are probably wrestling with the same problem.
As long as things don’t get totally out of hand, as long as we contain our destructive military power, all societies have a chance to get on the path towards freedom.

My response to the previous video: Is a division of snippers more effective than a coordinated crowd? Not so sure... Spreading fear by cowardly killing demonstrators from rooftops becomes an ineffective tactic if there really is a will for change. Having participated in a bloody revolution, I experienced first hand the tipping point where death becomes glorifying. I saw bare chested individuals affronting loaded guns. Fear tactics only work in favor of a tyrannical regime up to a certain point, beyond which they exert a negative effect, fueling the anger of the crowd. Forces of order are not prepared yet to fight well organized and coordinated masses, and I don't think that they will ever be able to catch up. Their resources are too limited to contain an informed and well coordinated mass movement, because they were not conceived for this sort of situations. With the help of the new technology the multitude can take a systems approach and coordinate attacks on the weak points of a tyrannical regime, undermining its support structures.

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