Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Multitude movement and its infrastructure

From the forgotten U.S. nation-wide End the Fed movement in 2008 which sparked the TeaParty movement, to the so-called Twitter revolution in 2009 in the Republic of Moldova, to the 2009-2010 Green Revolution in Iran,  to the Arab Spring, to the 15-M movement in Spain, and now to Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Everywhere, the Multitude has made tremendous progress in realizing the liberating power of the new technology and in putting this technology to good use in its struggle for freedom and self-determination.

As we predicted back in 2008
We are now seeing an important transformation in the way social forces organize and oppose each others. This transformation is gradual, as different social factions realize the potential of new emerging technologies, and experiment with them. Science and technology are blind; they serve better the ones who know how to use them. But knowledge about a new tool or method is not everything, social factions also differ in their disposition to receive and integrate the new technology. Their disposition can be related to a cultural specificity, their organizational structure, their leadership, etc. All this plays a role in how fast a group can actualize a new potential. (...) Activists and organizers of social mass movements are starting to think in a radically different way. Networks is the key concept. We are moving towards a highly decentralized form of social movement organization, a very organic and dynamic structure. Read the Balance of Power
The Occupy Everywhere movement is the synthesis of all the other movements before it.
Its new methods relaying on the new technology and  its new organizing principles are now becoming apparent and are being widely discussed in the mainstream media. This is the time when the Multitude realizes that this new technology conveys power. The new possibilities offered by the new technology are now being socially processed at a massive scale. A new culture, simmering beneath the surface for a few decades now, is becoming mainstream. This culture is the one which optimizes the potential of the new technology. It is a culture of openness, sharing, collaboration, of transparency, ... The Occupy movement embodies it better than any previous movement. This is the time when the Multitude movement becomes conscious again.

Because of its symbolic geographical location the Occupy Wall Street movement is now focusing the attention of millions of networked individuals across the globe. This will catalyze a profound transformation in the way we see the world. Millions of people will now go through a paradigm shift. Millions of people today realize that the world is going through a process of metamorphosis. All of a sudden the future will look very different. We are now becoming conscious about the need to redesign the way our global society works. We are starting to come together to build the infrastructure of the new world. The Multitude is now consciously redesigning its world.   

Here's the infrastructure of a new system of governance emerging.

In early 2009 Multitude Project initiated work on the new economy. At the beginning of 2011 SENSORICA was born, a pilot project for an open enterprise, an open, decentralized, and self-organizing value network. In our opinion SENSORICA contains the seeds of the new economy. We already launched a general call to expand its infrastructure to support the global economy.
Millions of people are now waking up and discover that the Ohio state is a hot spot for the emergence of our future food systems. What you can see on Greener Acres is only the tip of the iceberg... This project started a few years ago and picked up a lot of steam this year. Members of Multitude Project are very active in shaping it up. 
Millions will now be surprised to discover infrastructure projects for our future value exchange systems like the MetaCurrency Project. They will start to appreciate peer-funding platforms and alternative currencies.

Everything seams to converge very rapidly in 2011. There are also advances in education, in science...

Recently I came across a call to build the infrastructure for our new social movements for liberation. See bellow the OCCUPYEVERYWHERE SCALABILITY PLATFORM: Infrastructure for Emergent Self Organization in Dynamic and Geographically Localized Environments, by Suresh Fernando.

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