Saturday, March 12, 2011

Takeover - MULTITUDE rise up!

America is on an accelerated path towards tyranny. How do you get from freedom to tyranny? Naomi Wolf thinks it can be done in only 10 steps.

At this moment, many US states are introducing legislation to break down labor unions and to establish a chain of command from the federal and state governmental level to the local level. The attacks on unions are NOT about capitalism vs socialism. Depart from this mentally disabling dichotomy! Think outside of the box! The goal of the elite is to dissolve social structure, to diminish our capability to organize against the establishment. Unions are powerful social organizations which can catalyze massive opposition against tyrannical measures. You might be against labor and socialist ideas, but you must recognize the role of unions in enabling popular descent. Learn from Egypt and Tunisia. We need to fight the tyrants who dress in red AND blue and keep us divided over sterile political ideologies. The Democrat and the Republican parties are the two faces of the same fiat "Federal" Reserve coin.

MULTITUDE build an infrastructure for mass movements, organize, plan and TAKE ACTION!

By AllOfUs


  1. A little dated, no? I believe this book is three years old. Do you believe Wolf holds the same views today?


  3. Greg, these two videos, the one about Naomi's "The end of America" book and the recent interview of Michael Moore show the continuity of a takeover agenda. You can see this continuity over two administrations on both sides of the political dichotomy (we cannot call it political spectrum because the "big" US democracy resides on only two political parties/views). Naomi was uncovering a stealth operation, leading to the final assault, the takeover we are witnessing today. Michael Moore's message echoes the growing popular consensus, it's all about corporate power and greedy bankers.

    I would not call it a class warfare, the multitude is very diverse. The Marxist language does NOT apply in this context. It's not about capital against labor. Today's multitude is labor, business people, professionals, artists, students, the poor, the middle class and the rich, excluding the super rich. This is about a powerful global elite, with tentacles within every national government, against the world's multitude.

  4. Interesting. Can you argue why exactly it is not about capital vs. labor? (I wouldn't use those terms, actually, but they'll suffice.)

    I'm very curious as to why a wide range of people who are struggling to understand and fight our social problems seem so frequently to want to recast the argument away from discussions of class and wealth.

  5. CLASS
    - First, Marx analysed the industrial society, we are talking about a post-industrialist one, now well into the Internet era. The structures of these two societies are very different. If we classify, we end up with something different.
    - Second, the terms "class antagonism", "class struggle", etc. are semantically charged from Marxism. Taken literary, they could also apply today, because one can define social classes in any type of society. But because they've been so much associated with Marxism if we apply them in our context we create confusion, because the reference of these terms cannot be the same, society has restructured, therefore they cannot have the same meaning in today's context.

    - Marx identified 2 antagonist social classes within the industrial society. It doesn't mean that the British society back then was only made of two casts, the capitalists and the proletarians. Marx simply singled out two antagonist factions within a larger social system, which were massive enough to destabilize the entire system. One of them, the proletariat, was very easily identifiable, it was somewhat homogeneous.
    - What I call the "multitude", is a very diverse group. The best way to define it would be by exclusion: is part of the multitude any individual who DOESN'T have control over a portion of a society through the control of the flow/circulation of value (especially in the monetary sense) and/or other derivatives (anything else that money can buy and can bring power, like the education, the media, politics, etc.). Anyone on this PLANET who is producing value and who is obliged to give a percentage of that value to a parasitic entity like a central bank, which monopolizes the game of transfer of value, be it a farmer, an engineer, a doctor, a blue-color worker, a US citizen, a Romanian citizen, etc. is part of the multitude. We all pay tribute to a small group of individuals who have no practical role to play in society.

    - To put it simply, in the past, those who controlled the means of production had the power. Today, those who control the flow of value have the power. The "equation" is different. This is NOT about those who work (labor)against those who control the means of production (capital). Moreover, wealth is just a manifestation of power, money is just a tool. This is NOT just about the rich against the poor.

    THIS IS about those who control the flow of value against those who produce value.