Monday, September 27, 2010

The use of social media as a tool for marketing

A few months ago we warned corporations to be very careful in using social media as their new playground for marketing. They don't control this medium! They don't control the narrative anymore! It was easy for them to make you believe almost anything they wanted in a society provided only with one-to-many communications, controlled by them. Many-to-many communications are changing the game. The message doesn't  move directly from them to the consumer. It propagates from person to person, and at every step anyone can play with it. In order to get your message around it must be a powerful meme, it must resonate with people to make them push it further, share it with their peers. If the public perception of a company is bad, the message released by that company WILL get distorted and WILL play against. It's harder now to fool everyone...  If you do things wrong, sooner or later the shit will hit the fan. The certain way to prevent a branding and marketing disaster is to be honest.

Social media will make organizations responsible by making it harder for them to lie and to hide their dirty stuff.

A lesson in AT&T's Facebook approach
More companies are embracing social media these days for marketing purposes. But at the same time, there's always the risk of PR disaster. Kenny Malone reports on one approach companies can take when Facebook turns unfriendly. Read more...

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