Monday, September 13, 2010

RFID chips to track pre-school children financed with federal funds?!

This is the best example of how the elite is seeing the new technology. Those who have power only see in the new technology ways to reinforce their position.of power. This is not just an accident! To get a federal grant one must go though a screening process. The project must be approved by the government. This horrible story points directly to the US federal government, who approved and financed the project. We can now legitimately ask ourselves if the US government is planning to enslave its own citizens. This is not so far-fetched after all, we are talking here about the same government who kidnaps non-american citizens in other countries to torture them and to keep them in secret prisons for an undetermined time, without access to the justice system. Allow me to remind you that the Obama administration has defended in court the abduction and torturing practices of the CIA implemented by the Bush administration.

THIS is UnbeLLLivvveble !  

By AllOfUs

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