Thursday, April 22, 2010

Economical crisis in the US and how to fix it

You can find hundreds of forums where people discuss the actual economical situation and propose solutions. This is actually good, the population is becoming more and more interested in such general and important topics. Society is waking up, things are starting to move, people are getting interested and a little agitated, they want to get involved in something to improve things. But when you listen to their proposals it sounds like if they were waking up from a deep sleep since the 60's. The new technology and its social implications are almost totally absent from their language.

First, when it comes to the economical crisis the problem is NOT the production capacity or the human power and creativity. The problems we are facing now are SYSTEMIC. They DON'T reside in us, the people. The economical and financial systems have been in great part monopolized. A monopoly restricts free associations and hinders exchanges in society, which means that it chokes the economy. A monopoly restricts freedom for motives other than the well being of all and, in doing so, the market shots down. Read "The Revolution: A Manifesto" by Ron Paul, I don't agree with everything he is saying, but he exposes this particular reality quite well. To this add the corruption, which is another consequence of monopolies, given enough time they tend to become increasingly dissolute. No matter how much productive potential you have, if the system doesn't allow you to express it you cannot contribute to the economy, create jobs, and make a good living in doing so.

My friends, let's start thinking outside of the box... Let's abandon the capitalism/socialism dichotomy and think of new solutions for a new reality in new terms. We don't live in the 60's or 70's anymore. Even the 90's seam to belong to a different era. That's before the digital camera, the cell phone and the Internet. We are talking about a new reality, new possibilities, new and powerful tools for communication, collaboration and coordination, robotics, fast transportation, new sources of energy... new ways of doing things, new alternatives that compete with the old centralized and corrupt institutions.

The proper attitude is to follow the MULTITUDE SOCIAL MOVEMENT, which is to think of how you can use the tools you have at your disposal to escape from monopolies. Think of new ways to exchange with your peers by bypassing the system, which is there ONLY to suck from the flow that is channeled through it. Using the new tools offered by the new technology build networks and connect producers and consumers directly. Let the benefit stay with the people. This will shift the center of gravity in our society from the elite to the multitude, to us.

Restructuring tax is part of the solution BUT the proper way to do it is to be found in the proper context. To change politicians is fine, but there are other corrupt ones waiting to take their place. We must change society from the ground up. We must reconstruct it! The multitude social movement, this CONSTRUCTIVE REVOLUTION is about creating new democratic and decentralized institutions alongside the old ones, while directly profiting from it. It will not take long before the old hierarchical monopolistic institutions will be starved and the new ones will form the new fabric of our new society. Think constructively! Think to increase your freedom. Think to divorce monopolistic systems whenever you can. It is not only in our collective interest, it is primarily in YOUR best interest.

By AllOfUs

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